Trail Conditions


We would like to inform all riders that we started to try and groom our trail system today. As of now from the club house located east of Fosston on hwy 2 to the roadhouse bar and grille has been groomed.

Conditions :

Extremely rough in locations lots of exposed roots unable to cover due to low snow conditions. Ride with EXTREME caution if you insist on riding.

Future Grooming:

We will be trying to groom some again tomorrow and possibly Friday then see what next week brings after the cold snap this weekend.

Gates :

Not all gates are opened yet some are only accessible with the groomer or by snowmobile Use EXTREME caution on trails that are not yet groomed the gates will be closed !!!!

Snow Conditions:

Snow accumulation in the wooded areas is 6 inches total at best Ditches are drifted with more snow in some locations Most areas that we have seen today there is not enough snow to cover up culverts watch all approaches.

Will keep up to date reports on what we are trying to groom. spread the word Be Careful If you are out there trying to ride!!!

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